Masker Duckbill 3D Earloop isi 50 Pcs Warna Merah / Biru / Abu Abu
< 100 sold
Rp 39,000
Model earloop dengan tali untuk dewasa / remaja nyaman di pakai isi 50 pcs tanpa box dikirim dengan plastik saja Masker 5ply iZin BNPB No B-901066/BNPB/HOKS/HK.10.01/04/2020 Type : non medis design : duckbill isi 1 pack = 50pc Material : 42% non-woven fabric 28% melt-blown fabric 30% hot air cotton Executive standart : GB2626-2006 KN95 Production batch : 20200912A Production date : maret 2021
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